Our Impact

Fix Georgia Pets works closely with animal welfare organizations across Georgia to address the problems of pet overpopulation and senseless euthanasia of healthy, adoptable companion animals. 

Our organization focuses on targeting areas with high-recorded euthanasia rates, as well as areas that are severely lacking in lifesaving resources. By allocating funds to projects with a greater return on resources, FGP is able to efficiently and effectively aid in the fight against pet overpopulation. 

In 2021, Fix Georgia Pets awarded $233,000 in grants for spay/neuter initiatives that strategically assisted 66 counties in Georgia, with 40 new counties that had previously never been reached by our organization. As we continue our mission to save the lives of Georgia’s animals, we aim to provide funding to even more areas of Georgia in 2022.

Richmond County

Richmond County/Augusta has the highest documented euthanasia rate in the state. With a poverty line between 21.9% and 23.5%, many of the residents cannot afford full-service spay/neuter prices. Augusta Animal Services estimates that over 90% of owned animals that are reclaimed at the shelter are unfixed. Fix Georgia Pets and Augusta Animal Services initiated a new Return to Owner Program for 2020, in which the owner has the option to receive free spay/neuter services in lieu of fines. This program will directly end the rampant cycle of these pets and their offspring returning to animal control. 

Additionally, in 2021, FGP granted That’s What Friends Are For, a volunteer-run organization in Augusta, a $20,000 grant to focus on spaying/neutering large breed dogs as well as community cats to prevent future unintended litters in this high-need community. FGP is constantly trying to aid the areas of Georgia with the highest need, and we look forward to continuing our mission

Transport Vans


Access to low-cost spay/neuter clinics is limited in many regions of the state. One solution to this impediment is through the use of a transport van that can pick up pets from communities without resources and transport them to/from the closest available clinics.

In 2016, FGP raised funds to purchase a van for South Georgia Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic (SGSNC) in Thomasville, GA. This van has allowed SGSNC to reach numerous rural communities within a radius of an hour’s drive of the clinic’s location. The van serves 5 counties in Southwest Georgia, in addition to neighboring areas of Florida. From September 2016 through November 2019, SGSNC has transported over 4,145 dogs and cats to/from the clinic for spay/neuter surgeries. 

In 2021, FGP granted $38,000 for Planned PEThood’s “Go Fix Georgia” program which tackles the problem of animal transportation to low-cost veterinary services. Planned PEThood serves Clarke, Gwinnett, Habersham, Newton, and Walton counties. With their new van, Planned PEThood will be able to transport a greater number of animals and reach even more rural communities in need of this service.  

“SpayClax” Program in Evans County


In 2021, FGP saw an opportunity to aid Evans county, which has been experiencing an ever-increasing population of feral, roaming cats. Working closely with Claxton City Council member, Lisa Perry, FGP awarded $10,000 to the “SpayClax” movement that Perry developed with the express purpose of getting the county’s cats fixed. Through the work of Lisa Perry and the aid provided by FGP, Claxton was able to draft a TNR ordinance that was enthusiastically adopted by Mayor Terry Branch and the entire Claxton City Council.