Since our inception in 2012, Fix Georgia Pets has been a beacon of hope in Georgia’s battle against pet overpopulation and the high rates of euthanasia in our shelters. Our unwavering commitment to funding and supporting spay/neuter programs has not only saved thousands of pets from euthanasia but also sparked a positive shift toward responsible pet ownership throughout the state, thus lowering the overpopulation epidemic.

We build robust partnerships with local organizations and communities, amplifying our impact and creating a unified front against the challenges our beloved pets face.

Every grant we provide, every pet we help to spay/neuter, contributes to a larger vision – a Georgia where every animal is valued, every community is educated, and every potential pet crisis is averted through proactive measures. Celebrate with us the progress we make and the lives we transform, as we continue to forge a path towards a compassionate, pet-friendly Georgia.


There are multiple ways you can help us accomplish our mission:

  • Donate: Every donation, big or small, fuels the grants and programs aimed at reducing pet overpopulation. Our hope is that individuals and businesses  contribute financially to help us meet our goals.
  • Educate: Empower individuals to become advocates for spay/neuter initiatives by providing them with information and resources to share within their communities.
  • Partnerships: Encourage local businesses, community leaders and organizations to partner with Fix Georgia Pets, whether through sponsorships, hosting fundraising events, or providing in-kind services.
  • Fundraising: Motivate supporters to organize or participate in fundraising events, including our Spring Wine Fling, Fix Georgia Pets Gala and 8th Annual Golf Tournament , with all proceeds going towards grants to fund spay/neuter programs.
  • Adopt or Foster: Encourage pet adoption and fostering, reducing the burden on shelters and demonstrating the joy and value of giving a pet a second chance.
  • Social Media Advocacy: Leverage the power of social media to spread the word about Fix Georgia Pets, share success stories, and highlight the importance of spay/neuter programs.

Annual Report 2022-23

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