Launched in 2012, Fix Georgia Pets embarked on a mission fueled by compassion and determination—to dramatically decrease the number of pets facing euthanasia in Georgia’s overcrowded shelters. Our aim is to empower organizations across every county with grants that enable access to affordable, if not free, spay/neuter services. We’re not just reducing numbers; we’re creating a statewide network of care and support, ensuring every pet has the chance for a healthier, safer future.

Our Mission

Fix Georgia Pets is on a mission to end pet overpopulation and prevent the euthanasia of healthy animals in Georgia through strategic spay/neuter program grants. We’re committed to creating a future where every Georgian pet is valued and safe, tackling the root causes to pave the way for a more compassionate state.

Our Vision

We’re the financial lifeline for the unsung heroes on the front lines battling pet overpopulation. We raise funds for entities and fellow nonprofits across Georgia, uniting our efforts to tackle this challenge head-on. Together, we’re not just addressing a problem; we’re nurturing a movement for change, ensuring every action we take is a step towards a more hopeful future for our four-legged friends.

The Need

Georgia has a companion animal over-population crisis as well as high euthanasia rates. Fix Georgia Pets works with the highest-need communities across the state to help end pet overpopulation and stop senseless euthanasia of companion animals. Our goal is to help every community in Georgia.

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Our Board & Staff

Meet the Heart and Soul Behind Fix Georgia Pets: Our Board and Staff. United by a shared vision and unwavering commitment, our team is the driving force propelling our mission forward.

  • Jan Jones
  • John Tyler
  • Kerri Fickling
  • Shannon Call
  • Marilyn Krone