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Let's jump start 2023! Join our Patron Club with a $5,000 donation and be proud to say you’ve given 100 spay/neuters of teenage and adult animals who will then be available for immediate adoption.

Your donation can make this possible.

Thank you for your continued support for Fix Georgia Pets.

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11th Annual Gala
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An Evening with India Hicks
Evening Under the Stars

Join us for an evening of opera under the stars with a performance by Mercer’s Robert McDuffie Center for Strings. It will take place at the lovely Fickling Farm in Macon, GA on September 14.


“Fix Georgia Pets gets to the heart of the problem by providing vital funding and education to the areas and the people that need it.  I support their efforts to reduce the number of unwanted pets and needless deaths in Georgia.”

VICTORIA STILWELL, Celebrity Dog Trainer


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