Fix Georgia Pets helped multiply national spay/neuter funds for Georgia. 

COVID-19 shutdowns forced many animal shelters, veterinary clinics and rescue organizations to suspend spay/neuter surgeries. This resulted in a tremendous backlog of animals. In response to this crisis, #SpayTogether was formed.
Backed by some of the largest animal welfare groups in the U.S. and administered by The Humane Society of the United States, #SpayTogether, this nationwide coalition granted over $2.3 million dollars to groups in all 50 states. In addition, #SpayTogether donated 50,000 microchips and 23,000 vaccines.
To increase the reach in our state, Fix Georgia Pets provided matching funds allocated for Georgia so more pets would benefit. As a result of this partnership, $40,000 was awarded to Georgia.
Check the #SpayTogether surgery tracker to see how many surgeries the grant money has provided for. 
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