Fix Georgia Pets supports multiple projects throughout the state. Emphasis on giving goes to targeted areas with high recorded euthanasia rates, as well as areas severely lacking lifesaving resources. Fix Georgia Pets seeks to most efficiently allocate funds to projects with a greater return on resources.

To date, excluding statewide Spay Days, FGP has strategically assisted in 1/3 of the state.
But the work is not complete until lifesaving resources are a reality for every community. 

To learn more about our larger projects for 2020, read on!

Southwest Georgia
Locals describe SWGA as the forgotten region, as this area is frequently referenced as a desert of resources – lack of animal controls, rescues, shelters and veterinarians. Low cost spay neuter options are limited in an area of the state that is known for 23.6%-31% below poverty. FGP is aggressively assisting with establishing sustainable spay neuter services by providing grants for pet owners in 10 different counties, with Spay Days and Spay-A-Thons in planning for 2020.

Prior to these grants, these counties received little assistance or outside attention. Not only did these grants supply an immediate need, they brought spay neuter awareness to the forefront, kickstarting the cultural movement which has sparked hope that Southwest GA is no longer forgotten. 

Richmond County
Richmond County/Augusta has the highest documented euthanasia rate in the state. With a poverty level between 21.9% and 23.5%, many of these residents cannot afford full service spay neuter prices. Augusta Animal Services estimates that over 90% of owned animals that are reclaimed at the shelter are unfixed. Fix Georgia Pets and Augusta Animal Services initiated a new Return to Owner Program for 2020, in which the owner has the option to receive free spay neuter services in lieu of fines. This will directly end the rampant cycle of these pets and their offspring returning to animal control.

Transport Vans
Access to low cost spay neuter clinics is limited in many regions of the state. One solution to this impediment is through the use of a transport van that can pick up pets from communities without resources and transport them to/from the closest available clinics.

In 2016, FGP raised funds to purchase a transport van for South Georgia Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic (SGSNC) in Thomasville, GA. This van has allowed SGSNC to reach numerous rural communities within a radius or an hour’s drive of the clinic’s location. The van serves 5 counties in Southwest Georgia, in addition to neighboring areas of Florida. From September 2016 through November 2019, SGSNC has transported over 4,145 dogs and cats to/from the clinic for spay neuter surgeries.